UPVC Door Service

What is a Door Service? What is included with our Door Service?  What are the Benefits of a Door Service?

UPVC Door Service ONLY £45

UPVC Doors are fantastic, but when they go wrong they can be a nightmare.  The locking mechanism should operate smoothly & the door should shut, open & lock without any problems.  This is where a UPVC Door Service can be perfect for you.

A Door Service is like having an M.O.T. on your vehicle, to make sure the door works correctly and help prevents future problems from occuring. We also give you a Free quote for any Repairs that may be required.

Included with our UPVC Door Service is…

  • Removal of the Locking Mechanism, Euro Profile Cylinder & Handles to check the operations of each part.
  • Service the Mechanism whilst it is removed from the Door.
  • The Adjustment to the Door Hinges, Mechanism & Keeps to meet the requirements of the Door working correctly
  • A Free Quotation to any Parts of the Door that might need replacing or Upgrading to help increase Security.
  • Clean the Door & Framework.

The Benefit of having a UPVC Door Service is to help prevent the failure of the Locking mechanism which can fail when the door is not functioning properly, if the door closes and locks awkwardly the wear n tear on the functionality of the mechanism will cause parts to break which can leave you locked out of your home or unable to secure it.  The Door Service also points out weaknesses with security & ways to fix this whether it means replacing the handles, upgrading to a British Standard Cylinder or an upgrade on the mechanism itself to secure your Home.

As part of the Door Service, we offer a £25 discount on our Cylinder Locks & replacment Mechanisms if they require changing or you choose to upgrade.

Our Door Service is costs ONLY £39.95!! Call 07598 769 292 Now to Book.  The Service is available to ALL the areas we cover, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Halesowen, Stourbridge, Kinswinford and surround areas.